What is Choreography

Xiaoman Ren, Abd Al Hadi Abunahleh

By Jonathan Burrows

Published 14th May 2010 by Routledge

ISBN-13: 978-0415555302

ISBN-10: 0415555302

What is choreography?

“Choreography is a negotiation with the patterns your body is thinking.”

— Jonathan Burrows

We recommend a book “A Choreographer’s Handbook” by Jonathan Burrows. Jonathan Burrows is a British choreographer and teacher.

It is a book for anyone interested in making performance, at whatever level and in whichever style.

It is open, honest and fun.

It gives a range of exercises, principles and ideas on choreography that allow artists and dance-makers to find their own process.

Title: Body Not Fit For Purpose

by Jonathan Burrows, Matteo Fargion

2 October 2015 

Halle G, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien, Austria

“Body Not Fit For Purpose” is created by ormer Royal Ballet soloist, Jonathan Burrows and composer, Matteo Fargion.

Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion have created a body of work over the last twelve years which has delighted audiences worldwide.

“Body Not Fit For Purpose” is an overtly political work, taking as its starting point the inadequacy of the dancing body as a vehicle to express that which is of concern, and at the same time the inherent radicality of the attempt.

Photograph courtesy of Ben Packs

What I think choreography is?

It is the art or practice of designing sequences of movements of physical bodies.

What do you think?

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