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Education & Incubation

Studio 8 strives to share the joy of dance, while reflecting the diverse communities it serves, creating space for a wide range of different voices to be heard.

Through supporting, producing, and presenting works for local emerging artists, together with a network of international and regional partners, we strive to serve as a platform for innovation and experimentation.

CCC - Choreography Creation Camp

A pilot talent incubation program that supports emerging local young choreographers, dance makers, performance directors to sustain their individual or collaborative creativity, and, in the process, finding new ways to be connected with their audiences.

2020 is a very challenging year for us.

From 18th March 2020, local authority had imposed a nationwide lock-down that closed shops and prohibited the movement of people. The tight lock-down restricts the movements of Jordan’s 10 million people.

Although the lock-down was eased in June, local artists were having a very difficult time as the outbreak has affected their careers significantly and they felt that they have lost the last vehicles for the individual to express themselves in a big way when all live events, exhibitions, travel and public presentations were shut down.

They voiced that their need to be supported, to be given a safe space to explore new mediums and innovative formats of artistic creation, research, development, presentation and collaboration.

Hence Studio 8 developed 1 talent incubation program (including a training manual) for performing-arts-interested-creative-individuals, to ensure continuity of safe, adequate and productive creative environment for creative individuals of performing arts.

From August 2020 – February 2021, Studio 8 launched a pilot version of a talent incubation program titled “Choreography Creation Camp” (CCC).

The program invited local and international performing artists, dance educators, and theatre producers to facilitate discussions with 23 selected participants on the nature of dance creation, with a specific focus on developing innovative approaches with current challenges of live performance in the context of Jordan.

The porgram was structured in two parts.

Part 1 takes place both on-line and in physical space focusing on providing training in the art of choreography with skills development in directing, researching, presentation, leadership, and production

Part 2 took place in the form of hands-on experience of production & mentoring.

Through this program, 9 new performances, or in-progress-performances were produced. A virtual premiere was held at the end of December, 2020 through online platforms. All 9 productions could be watched virtually, free of charge.


Abd Al Nabulsi; Rana Madanat; Sarah Raji; Sana Ghalieh; Mohammad Qattan; Hasan Alresheq; Obada Asse; Jamal Suleiman; Amer Dahman; Yazan Setabouha; Mustafa Al Shalabi; Rawan Roshni; Emran Al-amareen

Art collectives:

Majdal PDT – Arwa Al-Haj; Akka Hamdan; Besan Jeara; Suhaib Al Naser; Yazan Al Tarawe; Noor Abuaziza; Jafaar Armoush

Art Vision – Seba Nasser; Waseem Albado; Saleem Mohammad

  • Abd Al Hadi Abunahleh – Choreographer, Dance artist
  • Anas Abunahleh – Choreographer, Multi-disciplinary performer
  • Xiaoman Ren – Visual artist
  • Angela Rabaglio – Choreographer, Freelance Dancer and Teacher
  • Micaël Florent – Choreographer, Musician, Dancer
  • Simea Cavelti – Freelance Choreographer, Dancer and Teacher
  • Enrico Paglialunga – Choreographer, Freelance Dancer and Teacher
  • Bella Stenvall – Freelance Dancer
  • Stephanie Müller – Visual artist, Sociological researcher, Sound artist
  • Klaus Erika Dietl -Visual artist, Sound installation artist, Video and film artist
  • Zafeiria Tsirakaki – Dancer, Choreographer, Contemporary and ballet teacher
  • Husam Abed – Theatre director, Puppeteer and Musician, Founder Member of Dafa Puppet Theatre 
  • Ryuji Yamaguchi – Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher, Dean of Senior Class at King’s Academy

“Choreography Creation Camp” (CCC) is organized by Studio 8, with the support of the Drosos Foundation, EUNIC Jordan and European Union in Jordan.

A special thanks to Platform, Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, Shireen Talhouni, Aysha Talhouni, Inner Life Institute, DragonFly Media Productions, Next Generation International, Tempo Dance Academy, Seenaryo, Osama Mashini Theatre, Al Shams theater, Jawad Qumseih, Hiba Nabulsi, Bader Helatat, Arthur Tainturiern, Abdulhadi Alrukb, Wa’ed Almahameed, Leila Hajbi, Amr Abu Eitah, Maria Asenova, Dima Toukan, Pess Music, Rakan Jreisat, Sarah Suad, Samia Younan, and Maher Jaryan.  

This program includes 17 lectures, discussions, case studies, physical workshops (in total 1620 minutes).

A selection of 6 lectures, case studies are included in this manual.



new performances, or in-progress-performances



emerging young artists, semi-professional and amateur artists of performing arts, visual arts background, arts education background.

collaborated with more than


film-makers, actors, designers, composers, sound producers, visual artists, musicians, videographers, photographers, architects, students, event managers, production managers, etc.



views (Jordanian audiences 60%, international audiences 40%, Female 45%, Male 55%, majority age group 25–34 years)

CCC Results

What is next?

We hope stage dance will become a recognized profession in Jordan.

To achieve that, we work on:

1 improving the skills and professionalism of artists within the sector, thereby upgrading the quality of its output. 

2 building local, regional and international education and production  partners to develop and improve curricula for theatre related subjects.

3 developing community solutions for introducing and inspiring children through the arts and creative activities.