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Studio 8 is a non-for-profit company active in the fields of dance and performing arts.

Since 2014, Studio 8 has collaborated with more than 560 people of 40 nationalities in creating 8 original dance productions, giving more than 50 performances, and organizing more than 140 classes and workshops. Studio 8 has also made dance videos, facilitated art incubations, artistic residencies, dance inspired exhibitions, dance discussions, community art walks and street art fairs.



collaborated with more than


organized more than

classes & workshops

An independent space – emerging as a central organization in the creation and development of contemporary dance in Jordan.

We are a group of young artists aiming to shape and humanize dance art through creating a platform. Studio 8 core mission objectives are: ​

  • To promote dance art and culture in Jordan To make dance creation and production more accessible
  • To encourage dance education and research
  • To promote diversity and inclusion
  • To become a portal for international collaborations and exchange

Love – We are committed to being good to one another because the work we do and share builds upon human time, efforts, and love. We value each other’s time and talent, and we collaborate in a spirit of good will. ​

Inclusion – We encourage practices that enhance our relationships with artists, audiences, and Jordanian society at large. We find strength in our diversity. We reduce barriers to increase participation in the performing arts. We are committed that all our beneficiaries and audiences are treated fairly and respectfully and have equal access to opportunities and resources.

Transparency – We speak our mind. We contribute authentically. We ensure the availability of any information necessary to optimize collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making.

Cultural-sensitivity – We believe it is important to understand local customs and traditions. We acknowledge and respect cultural differences. We are sensitive to the diversity of beliefs, values and individual personalities.

Gender-sensitivity – We maintain a non-stigmatizing attitudes towards people we meet, and people we work with. We believe in equal treatment and equal attention to all.

Professionalism –We dedicate our best selves to day-to-day work, holding ourselves accountable in a respectful workplace because working in what we love makes us feel more alive and calls to our highest potential. Environment protection –We pay attention to the environmental impact of all our processes and we encourage the use of renewable forms of energy in our actions.

Sustainability – We ensure organizational growth and stability through long-term planning, monitoring, and retention of quality and professional staff

Our story starts from a choreographer and performer who lives in Amman, Jordan.

His name is Abd Al-hadi Abunahleh.

Abd started to practice dance on the streets of Amman when he was 16 years old with his brother Anas. They belong to Jordan’s very first street dance generation.

After more than 10 years of practice and advocating for dance development in the country, Abd and Anas started a dance collective to bridge the gap between dance and the Jordanian public and to challenge the perception of dance within communities.

In their performances, the performers’ relationship with the audience is direct and intimate.

After a performance, one of the audience, a visual artist Ren Xiaoman, approached Abd with a question about his dream in the field of dance, the most radical form of performing arts in a conservative culture located in an unstable region.

Abd and Anas told her that they dream of a central platform for aspiring young people to showcase their potential, and the need for opportunities which provide inclusive creative projects that are crucial for allowing the dance to survive and thrive in Jordan.

Ren nodded and joined them. ​

This is the birth of “Studio 8”.

We became The Studio symbolized by the number 8 which refers to a count-down to the moment when a dancer starts to dance. ​


2014 – started as a collective of volunteers

2017 – represented Jordan in ISPA (International Society for the Performing Arts) 

2018 – acquired its registration license and working permit, as the first dance company registered in Jordan

2018 – developed a repertoire of its original artworks

2018 – won the production award of Mawred Al Thaqafy Association (Culture Resource Association)

2019 – launched a dance biennale: IDEA – International Dance Encounter Amman (IDEA)

2019 – began its partnership with Drosos Foundation

2020 – became a Prince Claus Fund Network Partner

2020 – launched a pilot incubation program “Choreography Creation Camp” (CCC), supported more than 100 artists, reached more than 110,000 viewers.