Body as Archive & Instrument

Simea Cavelti 

Part 1 – The human body, and how to structure my body in space and time


Part 2 – The Q&A


Part 3 – Simea Cavelti’s advice to dance makers


Video examples of Simea Cavelti’s works

Kulankhulana, which means communication in the Central African language (chichewa) is a choreographic fruit, which ripens and bursts open in different countries, spaces and societies and is an ongoing project.

The body serves as a departure point for experimentation and as a recipient for sensation, movement as an engine for imagination while recognizing the particularity of our own bodies and identities.

The work is constituted by our ever- accumulating physical, psychological, emotional archive of each of us. Kulankhulana is a choreographic testimonial of various realities, a physical reflection of fragments of stories and thus creates a space for fluid metaphors waiting for diverse new contexts to emerge.

This performance happened in the frame of ‘Tanz trifft auf Musik’ at Schloss Holligen Bern

Concept and dance: Cie Shafak, Larbi Namouchi & Simea Cavelti
Sound: Raphael Ochsenbein & Nicola Habegger

Title: Kulankhulana

Schloss Holligen, Bern, Switzerland

A short film sheds light on the vulnerability that we expose and are exposed to during the various stages of sleep and is a result of a residency at Espace Darja in Casablanca.

Title: Hamim

‘Put, Aggregated’ is a contemporary dance piece in which two dancers and a cellist attempt to explore the fundamental processes behind humanity’s ability to coexist, be it in harmony or in conflict.

Three performers react, according to their own individual vocabulary, to a common concept, thus an idiosyncratic harmony is created in their shared environment. The piece demonstrates the basic instinctive or analytical responses which may manifest themselves when we encounter something foreign, different or uncanny.

Title: Put, Aggregated

Simea Cavelti’s recommendations

1. A performance called “A Room For All Our Tomorrows” by an award-winning London-based artist duo.

Title: A Room For All Our Tomorrows

by Igor Urzelai & Moreno Solinas

21 November 2018

2. A performance by a Belgrade born, Berlin based visual and performance artist, called “The Body as Archive”.

Title: The Body as Archive

by Darko Dragičević

October 2016

3. This is a site-specific promenade performance, called “Belonging(s)”, which combines contemporary dance, physical theatre and an unusual use of objects.

Title: Belonging(s)

by Maresa von Stockert

4. Isabel Lewis is a Dominican-American performance artist and musician. As part of the BMW Tate Live Exhibition: Ten Days Six Nights, Lewis hosted a number of her signature occasions, combining music, food, drink and perfume to create an alternative environment for dance, discussions and invited musicians.

Title: A 21st Century Ritual

by Isabel Lewis

5. An art intervention led by a collective made up of three contemporary dancers, Ilan Kav, Fabrice Mazliah and May Zarhy in Kampala, Uganda.

Title: A Single Line


This session starts at 11:30 am (Saturday), 5th, September, 2020.

Who is the speaker?

Who is the speaker?


Simea Cavelti (Switzerland), born in Switzerland obtained a Bachelor of Contemporary Dance from London Contemporary Dance School ‘The Place’. (2011-2014).

In the following year she worked in Lebanon (Maqamat Dance Theatre) and afterwards in Jordan and Morocco in various projects with local artists (at Espace Darja Casablanca and at the French Institute Amman and Tangier). 2015 she worked with Joshua Monten for the creation ‘Doggy Style’ and became a member of hermesdance in Bern (CH). 2016 she danced for Emanuel Gat in the frame of Montpellier Danse and co-created her first piece ‘Put, Aggregated’, which was performed at Südpol Lucerne, Tojo Theatre Bern, FIM Basel and TripSpace London.