Fibonacci Embodied

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  • Concept: Rawan Roshni
  • Producer: Studio 8, Rawan Roshni, DragonFly Media Productions
  • Choreography & performance: Rawan Roshni
  • Film director: Dima Toukan
  • Cinematography & drone & video editing: Sami E. Kattan
  • Filming 1st Ac: Mo’men Abu Subaih
  • Music & sound design: Pess Music
  • Movement advisor: Anas Abunahleh
  • Dance production adviser: Xiaoman Ren
  • Photography: Xiaoman Ren, Hiba Nabulsi, Reema Shatat

“An audio visual piece with original music production and a variety of choreographed movement showcasing the spiraling, circling, and spinning motion that is the embodiment of the pattern of the Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio.

The piece also explores the duality of light and dark, expansion and contraction, height and depth, and of the dance between seen and unseen.”

— Rawan Roshni (Choreographer)

Story Behind

“My story started from my experience of  engaging the nine to five routine for a long time without being aware about the possible consequences of it. 

A major obstacle to creative thinking is called ‘homeostasis.’

This is a deep subconscious desire to remain consistent with what you have done or said in the past.

People may say we shall think outside of the box, but very often the homeostatic impulse holds people back from becoming all they are capable of becoming and from achieving success, 

Drawing inspiration of my own experiences living in an environment that there is a tremendous irresistible unconscious pressure that brings us back to doing what we have always done, I started a dance project exploring this idea.

This project is called ‘Nine to Five Box”.

I imagine it to be performed as a live performance,