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Teaching Manual - 2020


  • Abd Al Hadi Abunahleh ÔÇô Choreographer, Dance artist
  • Anas Abunahleh ÔÇô Choreographer, Multi-disciplinary performer Xiaoman
  • Xiaoman Ren ÔÇô Visual artist
  • Angela Rabaglio ÔÇô Choreographer, Freelance Dancer and Teacher
  • Mica├źl Florent ÔÇô Choreographer, Musician, Dancer
  • Simea Cavelti ÔÇô Freelance Choreographer, Dancer and Teacher
  • Enrico Paglialunga ÔÇô Choreographer, Freelance Dancer and Teacher
  • Bella Stenvall ÔÇô Freelance Dancer
  • Stephanie M├╝ller ÔÇô Visual artist, Sociological researcher, Sound artist
  • Klaus Erika Dietl -Visual artist, Sound installation artist, Video and film artist
  • Zafeiria Tsirakaki ÔÇô Dancer, Choreographer, Contemporary and ballet teacher
  • Husam Abed ÔÇô Theatre director, Puppeteer and Musician
  • Ryuji Yamaguchi ÔÇô Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher

Teaching Manual - 2020

From August 2020 ÔÇô February 2021, Studio 8 launched a pilot version of a talent incubation program titled ÔÇťChoreography Creation CampÔÇŁ (CCC),┬á┬áwith the support of the Drosos Foundation, EUNIC Jordan and European Union in Jordan.

This program supports emerging local young choreographers, dance makers, performance directors to sustain their individual or collaborative creativity, and, in the process, finding new ways to be connected with their audiences.

The creation camp is structured in two parts.

Part 1 takes place both on-line and in physical space of small groups in the dance lab of Studio 8, focusing on providing training in the art of choreography with skills development in directing, researching, presentation, leadership, and production. Emerging local young choreographers, dance makers, performance directors who take this training are encouraged to think critically about performance from the point of view of makers, performers, audiences, and society.

Part 1 includes 17 lectures, discussions, case studies, physical workshops (in total 1620 minutes).

A selection of 6 lectures, case studies are included in this manual.

Part 2 takes place in the form of hands-on experience of production & mentoring.

At the end of the program, 9 new performances, or in-progress-performances were produced. A virtual premiere was held at the end of December, 2020 through online platforms.

All 9 productions could be watched virtually, free of charge.