Xiaoman Ren

65 Maximiliana 

By Max Ernst

Punisher: Le Degré 41 (Iliazd), Paris

©Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris

Conceptualizing and designing my project

I think it is a good idea to start projects by researching the area to develop ideas, seek knowledge and to determine what already exists.

“To start, I ask myself a question before I start: What am I interested in?”

I will begin creating my work by thinking about my primary interests.

If my project involves my interests, it may already involve something I have the expertise and emotional excitement with.

An example:

I am interested in dance and new technology!

My research question is: 

“How is new technology influence the choreography of a dance performance?”

GOLEM X APPOLO by Arnaud Pottier

Useful tools

Now I start a broad research.

For “dance and new technology”, it is good to research in chronological order.

I have a good example from visual artist and new media designer, Vibha Kulkarni of a time line, which helped her to dive into intense research that leads to innovative ways of creating immersive experiences.

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Title: Annabelle Serpentine Dance

A short film realized for kinetoscope



The first augmented reality modules

by American engineer Ivan Sutherland



title: DUST

by a group Prague-based independent artists

Andrej Boleslavský, Mária Júdová, Patricia Okenwa, etc.