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Dance is a performing art form consisting of sequences of movement.

Usually dance is purely a temporary work of art.

Unless it is photographed or documented in some way, there will be no evidence of its existence.

Would it be possible to have the impact, message and the notion behind dance to remain longer?

The answer is yes.

With a knowledge-oriented and multi-disciplinary approach, the experience and knowledge of professionals in the field of dance can be transformed into an exhibition with images, objects, games, installations, sculptures, and live elements.

Embark a virtual tour and take a closer look at them!

An Instagram Exhibition

As physical spaces remain shut and audiences head online, we have tried for the first time to hold an Instagram-based exhibition,  @go.around.pop.

Each exhibition item gets 3 posts with their name and short description in the caption. To add extra depth and interactivity, we created a short video of backstory for each item. In total, there are 17 backstory videos.   

What we have learned from this experience is that there are obvious benefits to an Instagram exhibition:

  • low costs
  • international reach
  • the speed of the platform

But there are cons, too.

Job roles are stretched: artists and curators suddenly become social media managers, and this is not easy. Plus, we’re not just competing with local exhibitions but billions of other Instagram posts.

Still we enjoyed the experience of transforming it into a digital exhibition through the platform of Instagram.

Physical Exhibition

Ras Al Ain Hangar – Fri 24 Sept 2021

Manara – Arts & Culture – 27 -29 Sept 2021

Live Performance

Two musicians, a choreographer, and two performing-arts-interested individuals came together to explore the idea of Kinesphere, an icosahedron representing the natural boundaries of our bodily space in which motion happens.


– Cast –

  • Concept, director: Abd Al Hadi Abunahleh
  • Choreographer: Anas Abunahleh
  • Dance: Wafa’ Alsangalawi, Rawan Khriesat, Mohammad Bitar, Marah Rimawi
  • Original score: Zaid Sajdi
  • Visuals and installation: Ahmed Abbasi, Xiaoman Ren
  • Produced by Studio 8


– Tour –

Osama El Mashini Theater – Mon 13 Sept 2021

Ras Al Ain Hangar – Fri 24 Sept 2021

Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts – Tue 28 Sept 2021

Mafraq Municipal Theatre – Sun 5 Dec 2021, as part of Seenaryo’s winter showcase


Stories Behind

“As a dance artist, I have always been interested in our relationship with time, space and the physical forces.” – Abd Al Hadi Abunahleh

Since his studies of in Dance Knowledge, Practice, and Heritage in 2015, Abunahlah has investigated the works of notable artists including choreographer Alwin Nikolais, Yoann Bourgeois, designer Oskar Schlemmer, geometrician Frank Chester, and the leading dance theorists of the twentieth century Rudolf Laban – whose works Abuhahleh is responding to in this exhibition as part of IDEA – International Dance Encounter Amman.

A multidisciplinary and cross-collaborative approach is used in designing the exhibition.

Through imagining easy and exciting physical devices that manifest in a playful way of our interactions in a world of motion, energy, space, and time, this exhibition aims to push creative boundaries, to experiment and to explore a different dance viewing experience merging artistic practices for audiences who expect to be surprised, inspired and delighted.

A special thanks to Xiaoman Ren, Miramar Moh’d, Lina Assad, Anas Al Horani, Amr Abu Eitah, in content development.

This project is supported by Masarat grants – British Council in Jordan, and DROSOS FOUNDATION. 

A special thanks to Arab Theatre Training Centre – ATTC, Tamasi Collective, Al Balad Theater, Swedish International Development Cooperation – Sida, MMAG foundation, Arab Fund for Arts and Culture – AFAC, Prince Claus Foundation, and Medearts.

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