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1. ebooks


The Dance; Historic Illustrations of Dancing from 3300 B.C. to 1911 A.D.

Image review from the book:

Dancing to the clapping of bands. Egyptian,

from the tomb of Ur-ari-en-Ptah,

6th Dynasty,

about 3300 B.C.

(British Museum.)

002 2

Image review from the book:

Greek figures

in a solemn dance.

From a vase at Berlin.


Image review from the book:

Cyprian limestone group

of Phoenician dancers,

about 6½ in. high.

There is a somewhat similar group,

also from Cyprus,

in the British Museum.

The dress,

a hooded cowl,

appears to be of great antiquity.

071 2

Image review from the book:

Patagonian dancers to

fife and tabor.


The Art of Stage Dancing – The Story of a Beautiful and Profitable Profession

Image review from the book:

Gilda Gray and Ned Wayburn pupils in

It’s Getting Darker on Broadway,” 

follies of 1922


Image review from the book:

Lace Ballet,

ollies of 1922


Orchesography, or, the Art of Dancing (Characters and Demonstrative Figures)