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Amman, Jordan


As a child, Nour has always loved sports. She has practiced ballet in school from 2006 to 2009. Although she could not pursue ballet, she continued physical activities such as basketball later in life. Currently Nour is studying social work, and in her spare time, she sings in Amman choir. She joined local folk dandce ensemble Majdal because her loves the idea that “Majdal” that represents the cultural resistance. She hopes to bring more awareness of social, community, cultural benefits of dance.


Arabic, English

Job Titles

Dabkeh Dancer,

Choir Memeber

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External Links

Nour Abuaziza’s participation of “Leo Africanus” – 2019: here

Project co-produced with Studio 8 – 2 minutes – Short film – here

  • Interview, Dabke,
  • Folk Dance,
  • Dance Rehearsal

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