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Amman, Jordan
Dance Troupe


The idea of starting a folk dance troupe, Majdal, began in mid-2019 after a group of young men and women from Jordan taking a 2-year-Dabkeh-dance-training-workshop by the “El-Funoun Palestinian Popular Dance Troupe”. Currently, Majdal includes a total of 25 members. Members take turn to play the administrative role in the troupe. As a young troupe, Majdal is focusing on producing its own performance, conducting training to Dabkeh trainers and general public.


Arabic, English

Job Titles


Dance Troupe,

Folk Dance Group,

Dance Collective,

Dabkeh Group


Started in 2019

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Project co-produced with Studio 8 – 2 minutes – Short film – here

  • Interview, Dabke,
  • Folk Dance,
  • Dance Rehearsal