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Amman, Jordan


Odai is a renowned bboy from Jordan. He is described by Red Bull BC One Jordan as a superb battle dancer with gravity-defying dance moves. He has done extensively in commercial dance performances, theater works, and contemporary dance works. Noticeably, his choreographic skills are as brilliant as his dance skills and performance skills.


Arabic, English

Job Titles

Urban Dance,


Red Bull BC One Finalist,

Modern Dance,


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External Links

Odai Talal’s participation of “Wujoud wa Hodoud” – 2019 – choreographed and directed by Abd Al Hadi Abunahleh: here

Odai Talal ‘s participation of “Nine to Five Box” – 2020 – directed by Jamal Suleiman: here

Odai Talal as B-boy Spider featured in Red Bull BC One 2017 – here, and here

Photo Gallery

Photography Maria Asenova

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