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Amman, Jordan


Miramar Muhd is a 24 year-old self-taught Iraqi visual artist, muralist, and activist based in Amman, Jordan. Born into an artistic family, she was constantly surrounded by art while growing up. Professionally, she has participated in multiple personal and collective exhibitions and painted several murals, inside and outside of Jordan.


Arabic, English

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Visual Artist,




Prine Claus Seed Award


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External Links

Miramar Muh’d’s participation of ÔÇťCrossingÔÇŁ – 2021 – choreographed and directed by Abd Al Hadi Abunahleh: here

Miramar Muh’d featured in ÔÇťThe North Face – International Women’s Day: 2021 campaignÔÇŁ by Hiba Nabulsi – My Kali Magazine- here

Miramar Muh’d featured as model in Fashion project ÔÇťThe Hram CollectionÔÇŁ – My Kali Magazine- here

Miramar Muh’d featured in project ÔÇťHere/ThereÔÇŁ with Anas Al Horani by Jordan National Gallery of Fine Art – here

Video Channel

Youtube: here

In 2022 ICD Brookfield Tower Decided to paint one of the biggest murals in the UAE on a wall in the DIFC area to add some colors to it. Miramar was commissioned to paint ÔÇťHarmonyÔÇŁ mural, it took her and 4 of her volunteers around 2 weeks to complete the artwork, covering an area of 580 square meters.

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