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Amman, Jordan


Founded in 2011, Arini is a research and design office that works at the intersection of scholarly research focusing on design activism, architecture pedagogy, and the predicaments of urbanization and the built environment in Jordan. We explore this through various mediums from workshops, design, and curatorial projects, to publications.

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Founded in 2011

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Research: Design Interventions – conducted in 2020 by Liyan Al Jabi, Sara Yaseen, Sarah Hejazin, Jafar Al Jabi.

Mtjr shop -The official gift shop for The Jordan National Gallery of Fine Art.

Mapping Jabal Al Natheef Publication –  publication of a project introduces two phases of intensive investigation and extensive exploration.

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Three of Arini founders are Liyan Jabi, Heba Najada, and Mohammad Aljabi.

Liyan received her BA in architecture from the University of Jordan in 2009. From there, she explored several architectural and creative industries including architecture, spatial design and urbanism. Liyan is constantly exploring the notion of multidisciplinary design for social change through her work with marginalized societies in Jordan. Liyan spends her time on the hunt for what’s relevant and sought-after in contemporary architecture, design, urbanism, art, environment and pop culture through

Heba is a current PhD student in Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley. She holds a BA in Architecture from the University of Jordan, and MA in Urban Design from the University of Sheffield. Heba’s research interests at Berkeley are on transnational ties and flows, refugees, dispossession and diaspora, the ethics and politics of humanitarianism, subjectivity and affect. Heba is also involved in research projects at the intersection of architecture, critical urbanism, anthropology and politics in addition to her writings in

Mohammad holds a BA in Architecture from the University of Jordan, 2009 and double degree MS in Urbanism and Sustainable Design from the University of Stuttgart and the University of Ain Shams. Mohammad’s work and research focuses on studying the tremendous environmental, cultural, socio-economic and governance challenges resulting from the dynamic urban transformation around the globe. The urge to advance the practice of design and architecture in the Arab World lead him to co-launch Arini and

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