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Amman, Jordan
Non-profit Organization


Al Balad Theater is a multi-purpose performing arts space. It also contributes to strengthening cultural movements in Jordan by cooperating with a wide range of performing art groups locally and globally. It carries out many activities such as theater, dance, urban arts, and music performances as well as three main festivals around the year (Al Balad Music Festival, Baladk and Hakaya Storytelling Festival).

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Arabic, English


Al Balad Music Festival,

Baladk Festival,

Hakaya Storytelling Festival,

Radio Baladak,

Rehearsal Space,

Performance Space,

Training Workshop,

Cultural Exchange,

Online Magazine,

Critical Review,



Mentorship Program,

Public Intervention,


Graffiti Art,

Street Art


Established in 2005


237 Prince Mohammed St. Jabal,

3rd circle,

Amman, Jordan


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External Links

Al Balad Music Festival: Discover The Emerging Arab Scene – The Culture Trip: here

Al-Balad as a place of heritage: problematising
the conceptualisation of heritage in the context
of Arab Muslim Middle East – Thesis of Janset Shawash – August 2011: here

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