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Amman, Jordan


I started after watching a Michael Jackson video as a child. I made my first presentation of my life, when I was 12. Then I realized my passion for dancing. I had experience being part of a Dabkeh group for 3 years. Now I mostly dance, act, and practice parkour outdoor.


Arabic, English

Job Titles



Parkour Practitioner

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-Performance at Assi Elhilani Jerash Festival

-Performance at Mohammad el asaaf zarqa university

-Performance at Diana Karazon Fuhais festival

-Performance at Jordan university

-Performance at Queen Raina Teacher Prize

-Performance at West Asia trophy basketball

-Performance with a Syria song clip

-Performance at many daily wedding shows

Project co-produced with Studio 8 – 2 minutes – Short film – here

  • Sign language,
  • Contemporary dance,
  • Solidarity with Lebanon

Photo Gallery

Hasan Alresheq  on Acting in the UAE: here

Photography Reema Shatat

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