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Research & Exhibition

We hope to see more projects, research, exhibitions, and dialogues which span disciplines including anthropology, education, pedagogy, gender and sexuality, criticism, intercultural studies, and somatics.

We encourage interdisciplinary approaches to dance and welcomes artists, educators, and scholars in dance studies and related fields.

Some Examples

In 2017, Studio 8 initiated a project inspired by Rudolf Laban’s movement theory and practice. 

​​​​​​​After six-month research on Laban’s Space Harmony and re-constructing one of the Space Harmony scales, the project took place in a rooftop of a creative space in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Amman.

This project is an attempt to study the natural movements and geometricized them, in looking for a new scale and explore the “harmonic” three-dimensional human movement patterns. 

In 2021, Studio 8 tried for the first time to hold an Instagram-based exhibition, @go.around.pop.

With a knowledge-oriented and multi-disciplinary approach, the dance experience and knowledge were transformed into an exhibition with images, objects, games, installations, sculptures, and live elements.

What we have learned from this experience is that when galleries, foundations and museums are not able to accommodate the great demand for collaboration and exhibition coming from artists, or art collectives, especially emerging ones who just at the beginning, it is possible for individuals or collectives to use social media to show their artistic research and be part of the art system. Instagram makes self-producing an exhibition easy.