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Amman, Jordan


Hiba Nabulsi is a visual artist who started off as a self-taught photographer in 2013. She furthered her art expertise now holding a BA in Filmmaking from Yarmouk University in Jordan. Since 2016 Nabulsi has worked on multiple short films in both fiction & documentary, mainly in directing and camera departments. Her shorts have won awards and been shortlisted in various film festivals and competitions in Paris, California, Brussels, Beijing, Dubai, Haifa and Amman.


Arabic, English

Job Titles



Video Editor,

Music Videos,

Dance Photography,

Fashion Photography,

Gender Expression,


Yarmouk University

BA of Film/Cinema/Video Studies

2016 – 2020

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Stigmatized subjects that are often neglected, like mental health and gender have always influenced Nabulsi’s work, as she’s always inspired by the challenges & the stories of the people around her. In her storytelling Hiba aims to contest boundaries and invite the viewer to be a member of the story that’s being told.

Jordan News article – Artist finds herself through photography: here


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