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Theater-in Education Program,

International Arab Youth Congress (IAYC),

Annual Amman Contemporary Dance Festival (ACDF),

Dance School,

Ballet Accredited by the Royal Academy of Dance – UK,

Ballet Training,

Contemporary Dance Training,

Hip-Hop Dance Training,

Dabkeh Training,

Theater Based Peer Education Training,

Accredited by International Theatre Institute ITI,

Theater Training,

Curriculum of John F. Kennedy Centre,

Accredited by the Ministry of Education in Jordan

Theater Rental,

Original Theater Production,

Original Dance Production,

Masahat Dance Network,

Member of International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People (ASSITEJ)



Founded in 1987


Building #70,

Ibn Al-Haytham Street,


Amman, Jordan

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the Noor Al Hussein Foundation pioneered a Theater-in Education Program in 1987, which introduced the use of performing arts as a medium to promote awareness of critical issues, including women’s rights, conservation, conflict resolution, and tolerance. The program evolved into the National Center for Culture & Arts (NCCA) which continues to innovatively use the transformative power of the performing arts to nurture informed societies and creativity, by providing safe spaces for expression and dialogue.


Since 2004, the NCCA has been a full member representing the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People (ASSITEJ) in Jordan, and in 2009 the centre became the representative of the Jordanian Chapter of The International Theater Institute (ITI) – UNESCO, and in the same year, a founding member of the EuromedInCulture(s) Network.

In 2013 the NCCA has been appointed by UNFPA to act as the Regional Centre of Excellence on Theater Based Peer Education Training. Accredited by ITI.

NCCA offers professional training in theatre and dance. The theatre is accredited by the Ministry of Education in Jordan, using the curriculum of John F. Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts in Washington-DC, and the dance is accredited by The Royal Academy of Dance-UK. NCCA houses the National Interactive Theater Troupe (NITT) and MISK Dance Company that perform a variety of artistic genres locally & internationally.

The centre organizes the International Arab Youth Congress annually which was initiated by Her Majesty Queen Noor Al Hussein in 1980.

Dance Department

The Dance School was established in 1998 & provides professional training in all forms of dance; ballet, contemporary, hiphop and folklore and is accredited by the Royal Academy of Dance, Great Britain. Students of the dance department present The Royal Academy of Dance examinations and take part in NCCA’s annually held productions.

NCCA established the Dance Theater Troupe (MISK) in 1998, the only troupe of its kind in Jordan. The troupe comprises of 12 members who are professionally trained in classical ballet & contemporary dance techniques in addition to traditional Jordanian folk dance. The troupe performs extensively locally and internationally combining the traditional Jordanian culture & heritage within a modern and professional context that embodies the spirit of history & modernity.

Dance Festival

ACDF is an annual festival which was initiated in 2009 and which falls in line with NCCA’s mission to promote cultural exchange programs. It is the sole annual festival in Jordan that provides Jordanian audiences the chance to experience cutting edge international performances by renowned choreographers and companies that are deemed inspiring, creative, and thought-provoking, and also to further their appreciation of the aesthetics and techniques of contemporary dance. Various workshops are also held to provide artists the opportunity to expand their horizons & benefit from the experience of artists worldwide. The ACDF falls within the Masahat Dance Network, a regional network comprising of Maqamat Dance Theatre in Lebanon; Sareyyet Ramallah in Palestine; Tanween Dance Theatre in Syria (which has been inactive since the onset of the Syrian crisis) and the National Center for Culture and Arts in Jordan.


Black Box Theater, Outdoor Theater, Ballet Dance Studios

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