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Amman, Jordan


A visual artist who examines the state of one’s soul in narrative projections. Whether her images are lustrous in colors or static in black and white, she challenges the human mind to explore the depths of her creations, to see the beauty her crystalline eyes discern. Noticeably, two of Hiba Judeh’s films were accredited in film festivals and markets.


Arabic, English

Job Titles


Film Director,

Film Writer,

Visual Artist


Jordan University

BA of Visual Arts


SAE Institut Amman

Film Diploma


USC Middle East – RSICA

MFA in Directing and Cinematography

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External Links

Hiba Judeh on IMBD: here

Hiba Judeh’s interview on marsoum:  here

Video Channel


Two of Hiba Judeh’s films, Duma and Someone, are Psychological Drama short films that were accredited in film festivals and markets. The artist aids in conceptualizing ideas into both art photography and cinema by mentoring young filmmakers in Jordan.

Key Exhibitions

2007 Fragments of Residency | Photography & Video Art Exhibition – French Cultural Center, Amman, Jordan

2012 The Spirit Project | Image Festival France – Photography Exhibition, Amman, Jordan

2012 The Studio Amman, Amman, Jordan

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