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Culture and Arts | Started as Theater-in Education Program in 1987. Its Dance Department was established in 1998. It organizes Annual Amman Contemporary Dance Festival (ACDF), hosts the International Arab Youth Congress (IAYC).

Miramar Muh’d

Visual Artist | a 24 year-old self-taught Iraqi visual artist, muralist, and activist based in Amman, Jordan.

Ahmad Wawi

Dance, Street Art | An experienced dancer with extraordinary abilities, knowledge, and experience.

Sara Yaghmourian

Dance, Ballet | A ballet dancer who has years of extensive training with proper technique.

Daniel Issa

Dance | A good performer that demonstrated fine choreographic skills.

Mohammad Qattan

Dance, Theater | A performer interested in dance and theater, currently studying visual arts in Jordan university.

Obada Asse

Dance | A humble, committed, and skilled dancer

Akka Hamdan

Performer | Visual arts student, member of Majdal Folklore Troupe, with experience in contemporary dance, physical theater, object theater.

Saleh Belagon

Dance, Hip-hop | An excellent dancer, Hip-hop artist, interested in video making.