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Amman, Jordan
Non-profit Institution


Microfund for Women (MFW) is Jordan’s first and largest non-profit microfinance institution (MFI). The organization is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs, and women in particular, through an array of financial and non-financial services designed to support their businesses and livelihoods while helping them achieve financial Inclusion. Founded in 1994, MFW was one of the first MFIs to be licensed by the Central Bank of Jordan, receiving its licensing in April 2018.

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Arabic, English


Financial Service,

Group Loan,

Seasonal Loan,

Green Energy Loan,

Home Improvement Loan,

Public Vehicle Loan,

Educational Loan,

Retiree Loan,

Micro-project Loan,

Small Business Loan,

Maternity Loan,

Microsavings Program,

Microinsurance Program


Founded in 1996


Building No. 238 / B,

Arrar Street,

Wadi Saqra

Amman, Jordan


Sunday – Thursday

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External Links

A case history mircocredit in Jordan – Eleonora Isaia – 2005: here

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